EXPOSED: Anti-Syria media campaign using images from Iraq and Gaza, claiming they are from Eastern-Ghouta

With the Syrian Governments recent military operation in Eastern Ghouta, has come a huge dis-information/smear campaign by the Western Mainstream Media and government organizations.

It has, by this point, became apparent to anyone who follows the war in Syria, that the aims of the West and Gulf states, is to Balkanize Syria, destroying its secular government in Damascus. With this information widely understood, we can now look into the campaigns waged against Syria, in response to Syria moving to liberate its territory from al-Qaeda affiliated “rebel” forces.


To quickly address this, we have seen almost every media organization sourcing the ‘Human Observatory For Human Rights’, an organization headed by a single man, who fled Syria -not returning for the best part of fifteen years- after being jailed by the Syrian government for collaborating with, the countries enemies, to bring down the government. The flashy name does the, so-called “non-biased organization” a great deal, but once you take a closer look, the lipstick on the pig, becomes un-ignorable. This organization couldn’t possibly know the number of dead and its only sources on the ground are with al-Qaeda affiliates, which are not reliable sources.

There has been alleged bombings of Mosques, Schools, Hospitals, yet no proof to suggest any of this is true. There is also no proof to suggest the number of dead is correct, no names, ages, origins, place and times deaths, just random numbers and un-verified videos and photos, produced and spread by fighters who illegally occupy Syrian territory.


The following are just a few examples of widely spread images, counting into the millions in shares, used to show us what is happening in Eastern Ghouta.




What the MSM didn’t tell you is; the Syrian Government and Russia proposed a daily ceasefire between the hours of 9 A.M – 3 P.M, this would have been to allow all civilians to flee the area before its liberation, the “moderate” al-Qaeda affliates rejected this proposal. The reason that the rebel forces rejected this proposition, was because they literally use the people of Eastern Ghouta as human shields, if the civilians left, Syria and its allies would defeat them within a very short period of time. These rebels are illegally occupying Syrian land and holding the civilian population hostage, proof that the SAA is not killing its own people, is that they are taking such time and precision to clear such a small area of land mass of the anti-government forces.

According to International Law, you cannot acquire territory via war, only through diplomacy. So when you hear the “rebel” forces referred to as terrorists, that is because they are just that, by textbook definition.

The following was translated and forwarded to me by ‘Mudar Barakat’ an activist who is in Damascus;

“Leaflets thrown by helicopters of the SAA all over the eastern Ghouta, showing the designated safe exits to help the civilians to leave the battle zones.. with clear instructions on the leaflet:
1- it is forbidden for armed persons to come close to the exits point.
2- You should stop before the exit check point close enough where you could be seen clearly and raise your hand holding this leaflet above your head and put your other hand on your head or use it to hold a hand of your child.
3- Wait for a signal by the SAA soldiers at the exit point, then turn around uncovering your back.
4- Turn again and approach slowly towards the exit point.”



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